Homeless portraits, this book, captures images and stories of 100 people living along alleys of Nagpur. Dr. Amit Bijon Dutta, an established photographer with over 16 national and international photography distinction. The book is work of more than three years, meeting homeless in nooks and alleys of Nagpur, initiated a conversation with them and captured their stories.

Talking to them, Dr. Dutta realized, like us they have struggles and seek meaningful relationships. Some came to Nagpur in search of work. Some were kicked out of family and some just want to live a life of freedom. The conversations with them resulted into this book.

One of its kind; the book captures images and stories of homeless people living on the streets of Nagpur. It provides a glimpse into their perilous lifestyle, their encounters with people and acts of good deed that help them sustain in Nagpur’s extreme weather conditions.


Number of Pages: 214

Printed on: Matte Italian Paper

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